Hackney Custom Knives - Hand forged knives and kitchen cutlery
My name is Dana Hackney and I am a full-time knife maker, husband of a wonderful wife and a proud dad of two wonderful daughters.

I began making knives at the prompting of my family in late 2004. It was a life-long interest growing up as a scout and an avid outdoors-man, and also, as an added benefit, provided an outlet from a stressful desk job.

After taking some classes from Mastersmith's Ed Caffrey and Bruce Bump I joined the American Bladesmith Society and, after some years of hard work and study, in 2012 attained the Journeyman Smith Rating from the ABS.

I build my own knives from a variety of forging steels like W-2, 1080, 1084, 5160 and 52100. For my damascus knives I use 1080 or 1084 and 15n20, and CPM154 stainless steel for my kitchen cutlery.

I do all the work required for making my knives which includes, forging, grinding and heat treating, as well as fashioning my own custom leather sheaths.

I put all my heart into my knives and constantly study to improve my techniques and will do so until I can no longer swing a hammer. 

Kind regards,
Dana Hackney
33 Washington St.
Monument, CO 80132
Email : danahackneyknives@gmail.com
Phone: 719-481-3940

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